It’s Only Facebook

A curious thing happens when someone mentions Facebook to someone else who isn’t inclined that way. Their facial muscles tighten. The corners of their mouths turn down. An emotion passes over their eyes. An unidentifiable anger lurks. I’m not sure why I encounter people dead set against Facebook though they have never used it. It’s […]

What About Christian Basics?

Part of my requirements as an appointee was to read each chapter of Wayne Grudem’s, Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know and relate it back to someone else. Many thanks to Pastor Dave Droste of Solid Rock Christian Fellowship for volunteering to talk over each chapter with me. I enjoyed the back and forth conversations, […]

Conversation with an Angry Man

People are shorter on patience and quicker to resentment and anger to the point of retaliation. The post on a public Facebook group was just that: an angry man who resented someone for parking crookedly and wanted to zip tie a shopping cart to their door. He compared it to causes such as women’s rights […]

Church: The Tour #PrayALong

PRAY-A-LONG Phoenix July 29 The purpose of this tour is to: 1) Pray for the churches I visit to reach the different people groups in their area. 2) Connect people who have no church with the different churches in the Phoenix area through social media interaction and sharing of visuals. 3) Pray the church or […]

Ideas That Percolate

The only sound is the ticking of the clock in the stretch of the long afternoon. My mind is busy, churning like it does, while I do these other tasks. Some ideas get written down for later when I am full time. Others are implemented now. It’s always a tug of war between balancing work, […]

David Platt and The Refugee Crisis

David Platt Challenges Us Tony says, it’s because I am growing as a believer. I am a different today than I was ten years ago. Different than the person who turned 30. My heart ached for the child laying face down in the wet sand with the ocean lapping around him. Syrians had a country. […]