Support Praise! (Corrected)

“Across northern Africa stretches the largest desert in the world. Yet at its eastern edge is one of the richest and most fertile valleys known to man. The valley of the Nile is not fertile simply because a river flows through it: it is fertile because that river overflows, depositing each year another layer of […]

PTSD from #ElectionNight

You don’t understand how serious and how hard of a job being a Social Media Mentor is until you survive the week of the 2016 Presidential Elections (#ElectionNight). Every other status and tweet is about the election, blaming Trump, blaming Hillary, blaming you and me for being white, blaming the neighbor’s dog, and the name-calling […]

We Should Take Big Risks

I am finding that living on the generosity of people who see what God has planned and wish to be a part of it through volunteerism and/or financial giving is going to be rewarding. Even now in transition (working a full time job, raising funds to do this full time, and working active ministry), I […]

FAQS: My Husband’s Role

WorldVenture appointed me, not my husband, Tony, as a missionary.¬†Yet, he plays a role in what I do every day. I introduced him to Facebook. He now posts #LunchroomViews when he hikes, influencing both secular and believer in his online life. Helped him merge to Twitter. He’s learning the ins and outs of that, too. […]

He’s Not a Terrorist

Periscope is an application that works on Android or iphones. You download the app to your phone and create your profile. At anytime during the day, you can turn it on and connect to any country in the world. Personally, I love it. My friend from the United Kingdom is Bob. I have also enjoyed […]