Why You Should Not Vent About Work

Why you should not vent about work ONLINE…

  • Businesses are paying attention. They protect their brand online and use different social media tools to “listen” even if you do not tag their business in your status update. With reputations made or broken in seconds in this online world, branding is important. Businesses are addressing customer concerns directly through social media.
  • Employers are listening. Whether gossip is at the work place or online, employers are listening. If you are venting negatively online about your job to your friends, your boss may read it, too. Even if you don’t have your boss on your Facebook list (and I would not recommend adding him or her), your friends may talk about what you post to their friends creating gossip that gets to your employers ears. Also, past articles online suggest employers often want to be your “friend” on Facebook before they determine if you are right for the job. Does your Facebook or social media reflect you in a good way?
  • What should the church do when people vent about their church? Like face-to-face, not much unless they are committing slander or libel. You could take them to court, but I would propose instead of working out that relationship in a biblical way. People have always been a bit too critical of church, but each person is protected by the First Amendment.