A Computer is a Personality

In Adobe’s blog,¬†How do Machines Learn? The Art of Teaching Machines,¬†Adobe writes, “One promise of smart machines is to improve the speed and effciency at which humans can complete tasks and analyze outcomes. Increasingly, powerful machines can accomplish tasks, such as data analysis, in seconds that could take humans days, weeks, or years to complete.” […]

Education and Going forward

Last year, I looked into a certificate program through Fuller Theological. The generosity of my home church pastor and friends gave references. I got into the acceptance part when we talked about financial and credit requirements per month that I realized the required time was more than I had at the moment. Two classes a […]

Should You Send Them a Holiday Card?

Holiday Card Facts (Graphic and Info Courtesy of Grammarly) Americans send 1.6 billion holiday cards annually [source] Women purchase an estimated 80% of all greeting cards [source] E-cards have become an environmentally friendly alternative to paper cards [source] Christmas cards originated in London, where Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first in 1843. [Source] Two batches […]