12194986_10153651778855126_6655392707007672304_oA business article said customers want engagement with their favorite brands. It’s no longer about static advertisements, but relationships. Starbucks recognizes this.

During a WorldVenture training trip to Littleton, Colorado, I spent the evening at a Starbucks where I listened in on a Starbucks group training session. What struck me was this: Starbucks trained their new employees to ask questions, engage, and create relationships with their customers.  They trained the employees to get to know their coffee flavors and “theology.” Why isn’t the church? 

As a WorldVenture Digital Engagement & Disciple-Making Coordinator, WorldVenture recognizes:

  • The Internet has created an unprecedented opportunity for sharing the Gospel with unreached peoples all over the world.
  • WorldVenture leadership has identified online social networks, or social media, as important to the strategy of making disciples of all nations.
  • Digital disciple-making is increasing throughout the world, but much more could be done in intentional, strategic ways.
  • WorldVenture’s Messaging division would like to recruit a support-based-staffer to fill the role of Digital Engagement and Disciple-Making Coordinator.
  • Training international workers and partners (churches and individuals) in digital disciple-making helps fulfill the Great Commission.

Part of this role includes: 

  • Via digital channels, increase direct engagement with the mission and vision of WorldVenture and increase partnerships with the same.
  • Train WorldVenture workers, partner churches, and individual partners in digital disciple-making tools, with a focus on social media.
  • Remain current and knowledgeable by actively discipling individuals via the same digital practices provided to workers and partners.

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