12194986_10153651778855126_6655392707007672304_oA business article said, customers want engagement with their favorite brands. It’s no longer about static advertisements, but relationships. Starbucks recognizes this.

During a training trip to Littleton, Colorado, I spent the evening at a Starbucks where I listened in on a group training session. What struck me was this: Starbucks trained their new employees to ask questions, engage, and create relationships with their customers.  They trained the employees to get to know their coffee flavors and “theology.” 

As an individual church, we are merely one flavor in a larger brand: Christianity. Starbucks has many different kinds of coffee, but it is all under one brand: Starbucks. The body of Christ have many different denominations that are under the brand of Christianity and share this sample belief system. The aforementioned business article is relevant to Christian non-profits.

Our “customers” want a relationship. They want to experience the full bodied flavor of living the faith with purpose. The reason ISIS and false cults and religions are so successful in attracting their “customer base” is because they give their “customers” purpose through each individual that is with them. An article a friend sent to me said, Millennials want purpose. The Bible gives us purpose and teaches us faith. We have this amazing opportunity to harness social media and mobile technology to reach the unreached, the unloved, and the unchurched with the life changing power of the Gospel through many creative platforms, and most importantly, through relationships.

As a Social Media Mentor with WorldVenture, I would love to tell you more of what I do in person and encourage your congregation to live a full-bodied faith under the “brand” of Christianity.

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