We Should Take Big Risks

I am finding that living on the generosity of people who see what God has planned and wish to be a part of it through volunteerism and/or financial giving is going to be rewarding. Even now in transition (working a full time job, raising funds to do this full time, and working active ministry), I […]

My “Office” Explained

I work here when I am not behind my desk at Solid Rock Christian Fellowship in Prescott, Arizona working 36-hours a week. Behind me is a coffee pot and to my right is a sliding glass door to my backyard. On Fridays, it’s quiet in the neighborhood. I love Fridays. I get to start my […]

Running and Ministry

Not every run will turn out okay. Running is a metaphor, an adjective, and a goal and discipline-maker. As a high school student, I wasn’t athletic. I hated running. All I wanted to do was sit on the bleachers under the warm California sun and read. Running happened almost three years ago when I so […]

Three Ways to Better Your Friendships

Most of the time, social media has been a blessing to me. Not all relationships can withstand social media though. Sometimes, it is better for friends not be “friends,” and in light of missionary work, today I took some steps to build some healthy boundaries and keep healthy friendships well. Here are my three ways […]

Night Thoughts

When it’s dark and quiet as your head rests on the pillow, and gone are the nagging day-to-day to-do-isms that have kept your feet moving, your mind awakens. Another ministry leader falls. Scandal shows up on your newsfeed from another person who claimed to be Christian. Our kingdoms on earth are built on foundations of […]