Social Media is Not “Playing”

Before becoming appointed with WorldVenture, I unsuccessfully tried to bring attention to the importance of social media to the churches as an individual and a struggling writer. After the appointment, attitudes changed towards me. I seldom heard the words, “playing” in association with using social media. At WorldVenture’s annual Renewal Conference in Denver, Colorado, I […]

Coffee With Nikki Postponed Til Next Week

It’s been too hard this week to create another “Coffee With Nikki.” Plus, I am having issues with my video editing software. This means I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a new video editing system. I’m also struggling with my current camcorder as the audio is terrible. So, stay tuned for […]

Finding Courage

Meeting churches, picking up new clients, and telling people about what I do doesn’t come without a fair amount of anxiety as I seek out courage. When this new life becomes overwhelming, I think, “I could be a person with a regular job, not working ministry, not serving, with more time to read or bake […]

This Week’s Posts…

This week I will be posting from Denver, Colorado as I attend WorldVenture’s Renewal Conference. We are thankful that a friend is available to house sit our cat and how our neighbors promised they would also be watching our home. It’s friends like these that make me feel better about having such a public life […]

Why Firsts Change People’s Lives

He made me feel empowered when he brought me into his office. I sat down across from him, a nervous twenty-something year old, with the thought in my mind of, ‘What did I do?’  My boss ran the whole floor at Bank of America. As I sat down, he looked me straight in the eye […]